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Membership Benefits:

It pays YOU to be an ACTIVE Member!

active Biweekly Mortgage Assoication members

Your BWMA monthly dues are only $10 per month allow us to continue to provide to you the latest success tools and support for your biweekly business.

Active Members receive all of the following benefits ~ Benefits that will end up Paying You to be an Active BWMA Member!

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Member Services Support -
By phone and e-mail provides on-going access to business and marketing training.
Free Updates and Upgrades -
For software, marketing materials (including bilingual marketing materials).
The Latest News -
With newsletters, news bulletins, and access to special marketing tools and materials keep you up-to-date with BWMA's on-going research and development.
Promote Your Other Businesses -
With one FREE Listing in the Association's Directory of Services & Products found in MEMBERS ONLY area of the website.
FREE Leads -
Active Members may receive FREE leads from the “Find a Consultant” link found on the site.  You also get the first option on purchased or Association generated leads and online marketing co-ops.
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Mentor Program Participation -
   Work directly on a daily basis with a well trained Regional Sales Manager.
Member Prospect Recruiting Protection -
Register your downline prospects for FREE and receive recruiting assistance from the Biweekly Mortgage Association.
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FREE Websites -
Free Websites are available as long as Member is active and in good standing.
Special Programs -
Active Members may participate in special programs such as Auto Saver America Plan (new Auto Dealer Program), Debt Elimination and other referral income streams.
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Residual Income -
Monthly dues are offset by residual income from active Client Debit fees. Having 5 or 6 Clients allows you to totally offset your total monthly dues.

Active Biweekly Mortage Association Members agree to pay the monthly dues of only $10.00 per month via pre-approved automatic checking account debit, or automatic entries via credit card debited the first of each month.  This amount is in addition to your Home Based Computer Network monthly payment if you finance your Business System Module.

Save by paying dues early

SAVE $$ by paying Your dues in advance!

Prepay 6 months -- get 1 extra month FREE!

Prepay 10 months get 2 extra months FREE!

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