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Cost To Start

One of the best things about joining BWMA as a Consultant is the low cost to start.  Business Opportunities with the income potential of BWMA usually cost 3x as much as it will cost you to start with us.

We have a system to allow you to start with a low down-payment  and interest-free payments or you may receive a full-payment discount and save on your start-up costs.

Either way you are only 1 Homeowner Enrollment away from having your System nearly paid for and we can have you ready for that sale in just a few days.

Contact your Sales Rep to work out the details for you!

Application Fee

Only $25.00 per homeowner application fee, four times cheaper then competitors fee!

You keep the difference as Extra Profit or you can pass the savings onto homeowner

We will beat any
competitors application fee!

Debit Fee

  1. Homeowner pays $3.95 debit fee per electronic transfer.
  2. When compared to average monthly savings of $130.00, $3.95 is a bargain.

Debit Income

Means Long-Term
Residual Income For You!

Earn $1.00 every 2 weeks, paid monthly on Homeowner debit fees.

That's an average of $520.00 Extra "Back-End" Commissions on each Homeowner enrolled!

Enroll 100 homeowners, and add $52,000 to your earnings.


What do homeowners do on average every 5 to 7 years? . . . Refinance or move.

You can Earn additional fees every time homeowner changes loans.

Competitors either keep the fee themselves or bar you from getting them.

Because 80% of homeowners re-enroll and pay another fee, you build equity in your business each time you sign a homeowner up.

At any given time your business is worth 2X gross earnings minus an attrition of 20% (20% of homeowners do not re-enroll), i.e. you sign up 100 homeowners charging an average fee of $500.00. You would have earned $50,000.

However, in addition to that your business is worth 2X that amount or $100,000 minus an attrition of $20,000, leaving you a back value that you can borrow against, pledge as security or sell for $80,000.

Ways To Get Paid

Biggest objection you will get in this business is;

"I love the program but we don't have the money for the fee."

BWMA helps you receive your fee by offering your client 7 different options to pay.

    We pay within 48 hours, competitors 30 to 45 days.
    Services provided.
  3. Electronic Funds Transfer
    Homeowner doesn't have enough money to pay your fee? Not a problem. We will set them up on installments and pay you each time we draft.
    Buying, building, refinancing. Get paid right out of closing.
    No out of pocket cost to homeowner! Program generates enough savings in first 3 months to pay you your fee. Competitors, how can you beat the objection: The BWMA member that was here last night was asking for no money up front?
  6. PMI
    No out of pocket cost to homeowner! You get 1 of the 14 years of PMI premiums you save homeowners.
    No out of pocket cost to homeowner! Trade your services for homeowners product or service.

Equity in Software

Competitor's software only shows 1 type of equity "principal reduction".

BWMA Software shows 3 types: "Down Payment Equity", "Principal Reduction Equity", "Appreciation Equity".

BWMA software print outs illustrate 300% more equity then competitors.

When Harriet the housewife calls up her stock broker, is she concerned with "How much is interest?", "How much is dividends?" or "How much do I have in my investment account?"


"Private Mortgage Insurance"

You have to have it when you put less then 20% down, on a conventional loan.

But nobody tells you when to drop it ... until now!

Biweekly Mortgage Association members are the only mortgage reduction consultants in the U.S. with software that tells homeowners when they reach 20% equity qualifying them to drop PMI.

Average homeowner pays PMI for 17 years, you will be able to show them how to drop it in 3 years!

You can add an Additional Fee over and above your mortgage reduction commission.

Personal Web-site

Impress your clients and friends by having them visit your BWMA Member Web Site, which we build for you, for FREE!

Start your own e-commerce business taking credit cards and checks over the net.

Multiple Income Sources

Unlike competitors who only have one source of income, i.e. up front mortgage reduction fees, BWMA members receive up front commissions, back end commissions, debit fee renewals, PMI compensation, all the while building equity in their own business.

Have you signed up yet?

Download Your Enrollment Forms below, fill them out, and let us get you started ... Today!

Downloadable Forms

Unlike competitors who make you purchase or wait for forms to be shipped, BWMA makes all forms easily accessible by downloading from the Internet.

We also provide you newsletters, up to date marketing tips, the latest version of our software...

All FREE and All Downloadable.

Semi/Monthly Debiting

If a homeowner doesn't like making biweekly payments and wants to remit extra payments to principal - semi-monthly or monthly, don't lose the sale like competitors do. . . sign them up.

BWMA believes that the more options you have the better chance for success, thus we debit biweekly, semi-monthly and monthly.

Biweekly Mortgage Association Description
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Biweekly Companies
Competitive Application Fee $95.00
$3.95 Debit Fee $3.95
$1.00 Debit Income $0
Yes Renewals No
7 Ways To Get Paid 1
3 Equity in S.W. 1
Yes PMI Removal No
Yes Personal Web Site No
Yes Multiple Income Sources No
Yes Downloadable Forms No
Yes Semi/Monthly Debiting No
$120 Down Cost To Start $395.00

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