Biweekly Mortgage Association
Deluxe Business System – 8 CDs

  1. Manual CD:  Contains 30 chapters (317 pages) of the most in-depth and comprehensive biweekly marketing information ever compiled by a biweekly company. This is a must have for the Consultant who wants to achieve success in the business.  Fully illustrated with color pictures. Click here for the Table of Contents.
  2. Mailing Pieces CD: This includes the popular direct mail letter and envelope which has proven to get better than 30% of the receivers to call. Included are a phone script and other flyers for follow-up if you are not successful in setting the appointment or selling the homeowner on the first call.
  3. Quick Start Manual CD: 7 sections (147 pages) including Techniques to make your phone ring, new and unique ways of collecting your fee, next generation marketing material, mistakes our competitors are making, guide to making prospects come to you and more.
  4. Accelerator CD: 3 sections (70 pages) including questions and answers on the biweekly payment plan. The Accelerator is a name given to the Preferred Biweekly Payment Plan in this CD. What training is complete without a test? Test your knowledge, learn and retest.
  5. Calculator CD: BWMAv3.0, this is your main tool on CD so it is portable and can be installed or run from any computer with Windows IE. The loan analysis is easy to explain and colorful.
  6. Videos on CD: Several videos show the biweekly “as seen on TV” in a visual way along with a video on EFT.
  7. Forms: All your forms on disk, ready for use (Use as a backup to “Members Only” downloadable forms)
  8. Pamphlets CD: 10 brochures with color illustrations on CD. Additional Personalized CD on request with all your contact info and no BWMA contact info. Also, includes 15 one-page flyers most of them with color illustrations ready for your contact information!


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