The Biweekly Mortgage Association
offers 3 Proprietary software packages
for Calculating a Biweekly Savings.

When you become a member of the Biweekly Mortgage Association you'll have Complete Access to 3 Proprietary Software Packages for calculating a biweekly savings.

Only BWMA has invested $1000's to create user friendly, downloadable and online software for you to use in marketing our biweekly savings plans to your clients.

BWMA software is more accurate than most biweekly calculators you will find because our calculators use the actual dates of the calendar to cacluate payments rather than formulas that can only provide very approximate savings.  Because we use real calendar dates to do calculations, we are able to offer calculators that can account for the fees you charge your clients (no one else in the industry we know of does this), calculate Adjustable Rate Loans, Intrest Only Loans, and even the Removal of Mortgage Insurance and Extra Payments to Principal.

Here's a list of calculators you can have free access to the last one in this list: (Actually, It's Better Than Free!  See Below...)

1. BWMA Quick Calculator
BWMA's latest biweekly calculator for quick calculation of Interest Savings, Equity Acceleration, Amortization Tables, and Early Payoff Planning. This calculator can account for fees you charge a client for their biweekly savings plan, which means that you can always be sure your offerring a plan that offers more savings at a competiive price!
2. BWMA Goal Attainer
This proprietory software is available only to BWMA active consultant members.  With the BWMA Goal Attainer software you can calculate biweekly savings and create personalized client reports for Fixed Rate Loans, Adjustable Rate Loans, Interest Only Loans, and True Simple Interest Loans.  You can also manage your clients with the built in Client Management System.
3. BWMA v3.0 Calculator Software
The BWMA v3.0 Biweekly Calculator produces a online client reports personalized to to both you, the consultant, and your client.
It will provide customized reports with your specific interest rate, loan, and payment amount so your clients can compare how they’re paying their mortgage now (monthly) to paying thier same loan biweekly.
The software is user-friendly . . . just register for Free, Unlimited Access to the Online Version of the software used by our Member Consultants to help their Clients plan the future using the biweekly mortgage.
Then plug in the numbers for any loan, press "calculate", and in seconds you'll have fully illustrated color graphs and charts will tell you how fast you can pay-off that loan and what your client's financial net worth will be in any given year!
The software will show your clients how to retire early without a mortgage payment, have money to put your kids through college, or buy a second home or rental property within just a few years. They’ll also see how you will be able to save 10% of your gross income monthly without affecting your spendable income or lifestyle and much, much more.

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